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The ultimate con-artist never gets caught being a con-artist.   In the ultimate
 con-artist con, the con-artist is considered to be the good guy, sometimes, even a hero and not a con-artist 



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A Rose by Another Name







You've probably heard the famous quote for William Shakespeare;  "A rose by another name smells just as sweet."   Well, the same principle applies to skunks, manure, con artists, and most of the world's highest-level politicians.   

First remember that a name is just a name.   When we start looking beyond the surface and we are soon be able to distinguish between the vast majority  of very wonderful, loving people and a few deceivers selling garbage covered with whipped cream.

A con artist by another name is the hallmark of a con artist.  A con artist is always pretending he's something that he isn't.   Lies and deception have replaced the heart and soul of seasoned con artist.  

Con artists are cursed with some demonic traits such as a mind-set that is defined a psychopathic (complete lack of conscience and compassion).   Most of the big time con artists are also Money & Profit/Dopamine Addicts.   And worst of all, many of them are secretly sadistic and derive great joy from torturing and sexually molesting children.  

Con artist are extremely clever.   They have set up a multitude of secret, mutually-supporting structures and organizations.   Some of these organization are entirely secret, other are known to the public and have nice sounding names.  

For example, the Federal Reserve gives the impression that it's a government agency.   It's Not!   Its a private, Criminal Cabal Banking Cartel owned and managed for the benefit of the super-wealthy.   The Federal Reserve is one of the world's longest-lasting and most lucrative con games.    


What you are probably not yet aware of is the fact that hidden behind the known scams is secret world far more sinister, and far more deadly.  

This website will take you on a journey into the inner workings of the liars and deceivers.   We'll show you the day to day techniques and we take also you on a journey into the invisible world where both God and the Devil reside.   

What you find is not a pretty picture, but the end result will far exceed the short term discomfort.  









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